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Back To School Healthy Snack Ideas

As we edge closer to schools reopening while making the most of these warm summer days, us mamas can't help but start to think about those lunch boxes that have been packed away in the cupboard for months on end. Who will want what for lunch? Which snacks are quick and easy to prepare? What new kid-friendly recipes can we conjure up as we head into our back-to-school season?

One thing that we both spent time experimenting with over the past months at home, has been our Breville CombiWave 3 in 1 microwave, that is also an oven and an air fryer!

And since air frying has become all the rage, we have been testing out with some after school ideas and trying them out on our kids.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that using the air fryer has been light on the mess and fuss, and as we try new recipes, we see how our kids are actually enjoying the somewhat different crispiness and crunchiness of some of their favourite foods!

Take a good old grilled cheese, for example. The perfect lunch box or after school snack idea. After just 10 minutes in the air fryer, the kids devoured them and were left asking for more! It got us thinking - what was so different about this grilled cheese? After all, we used the exact same ingredients as usual? We think it's the subtle change in texture, crunch and firmness.

The same goes for their fav roast veggies, like broccoli and brussel sprouts - for some reason they started to request the air fried version instead of the regular oven roasted. Who would have thought!?

The best part of our research and trials has shown us that even if we use pretty much the same process and ingredients, but just in the air fryer versus a regular oven, our families are enjoying the foods as well as variety from what seemed like the same old, same old.

Here are some of our new found go-to recipes that we will for sure be making well into the fall and beyond:

If you have any air fryer recipes to share with us - we would love to hear! All the best for the back to school season - whether you are homeschooling or packing up those lunch boxes for them to take to school!

All the best!

L & C xx

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