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Early Morning Routine For Productive & Mindful Moms

Welcome to my ideal productive morning routine as a mom of three! This early morning wake up routine has been a work in progress for a few years now, and I am constantly trying and tweaking it to maximize my productivity and energy!

It all started with me forcing myself to wake up earlier than my kids, to get a head start on my day. Now I have very specific habits I like to include each morning, that sets me up for a successful day ahead!

Here are the healthy habits I like to include in my morning routine:

- Gratitude & Goal Setting (Start Today Journal)

- Reading

- To Do List

- Priority Post It

- Work

- Lemon Water and Pre-Workout Snack

- Workout

- Shower and Dress

- Breakfast

Thanks for watching! I hope this gives you some motivation and inspiration for your morning routine! Drop me any questions down below and let me know what you do in your morning routine!

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