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5 Steps That Got Me All The Way To Rachel Hollis | Rise Toronto Conference Review

I got to meet Rachel Hollis! Still feels quite surreal as it was so unexpected! How did I make it happen? Watch this video to find out the steps I took during Rachel's Rise Conference in Toronto in March 2020 that led to an unforgettable experience! After having attended Rise in Dallas in 2019, I was curious to see how this conference would be different. And she did not disappoint! How did I get to meet Rachel in person?

Here is part of my story, and more importantly, the five crucial life lessons I learned in this process of meeting someone I really look up to. If you implement these steps in your life when working towards a goal - you will be unstoppable!

The lessons are as follows:

1: Be Resourceful

2: Do NOT Quit

3: Set Specific and Measurable Goals

4: Be Open To Anything

5: Avoid Living With Regret At All Costs!

Have you been to Rise?

Got questions about Rachel's Rise Conference? Drop me a comment below and I will answer anything. Thanks for watching! Liat xx

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