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All I Want For Christmas PARODY (Mariah Carey) | You Don't Get No Christmas!

Here's is a funny parody of the ultimate Christmas holiday classic "All I want for Christmas is you" by Mariah Carey.

As Jewish moms, our kids often ask if they can have a Christmas tree, with all the presents, lights and Santa. We have to find creative and fun ways to tell our kids we don't celebrate Xmas, but we celebrate another holiday - Hanukkah!

Watch and enjoy as we get into the holiday spirit with this take on All I want for Christmas, entitled "You Don't Get No Xmas, You're A...".

We also want to take this moment to wish EVERYONE a Happy Holiday - no matter what you celebrate :)

Big thanks to all who helped make this video happen!

*Music & Sound: Dani Rosenoer

*Set and Lighting: Blue Orchid Photography

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