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Holistic Health Talk with Plant-Based Mom Camber Simson | Mom Self Care Tips

Moms - Are you looking for self care ideas and mom self care tips? In this video, YouTuber Camber Simson shares why holistic health is the ultimate goal for success as a family and how they live a plant-based lifestyle with a focus on holistic nutrition.

**Make sure Closed Captions are on cause the audio of this video unfortunately didn't work as well as we planned :)

Camber's tips include things like:

1. Drinking celery juice daily (yes, even the kids!)

2. Clean eating in the form of a plant-based diet

3. Simplify and declutter both your physical environment and your mind

4. Have a clear purpose and "Why" that keeps you going towards your goals in life To increase overall wellness and energy, and reduce fatigue - our intention with this video is to provide motivation for moms around the world!

Whether you are a SAHM (stay at home mom) or a working mom, these self care ideas will help you on your holistic lifestyle journey!

For more about this mom of 4, who home schools her kids and has multiple successful YouTube channels - check her out here: Our Fresh Life and Scott & Camber.

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