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TOP 5 SUMMER FASHION TRENDS that are all the rage in 2019 - Try On Clothing Haul

Introducing the top 5 summer fashion trends in a summer fashion haul 2019... Remember the days when tie dye and neon was all the rage!? Well, those days are back in full force! We cannot believe that these trends are making a come back this year as we shop, try on and style ourselves in the latest summer fashion trends!

From tie dye, neon and florals, to animal prints and rompers - we feel like we've gone back to the good ol' 90s :) SHOP ALONG WITH US as we visit the beautiful and trendy Sense of Independence Clothing Boutique in midtown Toronto - where literally everything we tried on, we loved! They have everything from basics, to active wear, jeans, dresses, shoes, accessories and more. The service was excellent - definitely a recommended shopping experience!

***QUESTION - Which of the 5 trends is your favorite? Drop a comment down below!***

For more on Sense of Independence, you can check them out here or on Instagram at @senseofindependence.

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