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9 Things I Miss About South Africa - Travel Vlog

South Africa, I miss you! Here are the 9 things I miss the most about the beautiful country I grew up in... Between Johannesburg and Cape Town - the food, people, music, scenery, beaches and so much more - its hard to narrow down this list!

WHAT DO YOU MISS MOST ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA? Drop it in the comments below!

In no specific order, here are my favs:

1. The treats - South African Cadbury's chocolate, candies, sweets and more!

2. Cape Town - One of the most beautiful cities in the world, hands on!

3. Koeksisters - Those who know them, love them! Sweet, twisty honey filled pastries.

4. The African beat - You know the vibe, the energy, the music and the dancing - simply indescribable!

5. Unique places to stay - I had the privilege of staying at the Clarendon Bed & Breakfast in Fresnaye. Simply nothing like the attention to detail in these places!

6. Woolworths - Nothing feels like home like shopping at Woolies!

7. Freezocinos - Something about the crushed ice in this iced coffee thats simply the best in the world.

8. Friends and Family - Years and years can pass, but nothing breaks the bond and connection that you have with those you have grown up with!

9. Biltong - Even this vegetarian knows what's at the heart of every South African's appetite

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