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It's The Return of House Calls - And Us Moms Are Loving It!

Do you ever feel like there aren't enough hours in a day? If you are a mom you probably grapple with this all the time.

Whether you work at home, outside the home or both. Whether you're still changing diapers or fueling up the car for your teenager, chances are that the day you became a time-strapped MOM, your focus on your well-being went down to the bottom of your list of priorities.

We move through life as if chronic back pain will one day disappear. As if feeling exhausted were the latest fad.

We CARE so much for others-- and that's wonderful. But a new (yet very old!) health care practice, will finally allows us some time to CARE for ourselves.

We Looked Into MediSeen...

MediSeen is bringing the house call back in the most convenient way possible. This app-based service connects you with health care providers in your area who can come to your home. With just a few swipes on your smartphone, you can book appointments at a time and place that suits you. Whether you need a family doctor, physiotherapist, personal trainer, dietitian or lactation consultant (Right?!)- all your family's medical needs can be seen to.

Both of us were intrigued by the concept. It takes so much time and effort to actually go out and get ourselves seen to, that we were ready to welcome ANY help.

Our Experiences With The MediSeen Service

Mediseen massage at home

As a chronic migraine sufferer, Carolina has always known that her headaches are directly related to her posture and upper back and neck tension. Endless hours working in front of a computer don't go unpunished! Was she willing to find a few hours a month to head over to a spa and see a Registered Massage Therapist? For years, she truly meant to call in and make a booking. Did she ever do it? No. She'd need someone to watch the kids, dinner would be rushed and she'd be missing out on work hours. Instead, Carolina picked up her phone and ordered a long-overdue massage at home.

The experience was a dream. From the very moment RMT Jessie arrived with her massage table, and for an hour thereon, Carolina's worries and stress disappeared. A back massage in the playroom was just what the doctor had ordered - too bad she took so long to fill the prescription!

For Liat, carrying a water bottle around is must as she is constantly thirsty. For a few years now, she had wanted to dig deeper into the reasons for this thirst and feelings of fatigue. The convenience of having a Naturopath visit her home really motivated her to start seeking answers.

Liat corresponded with her Naturopath via the MediSeen App in order to find a time slot that would accommodate both their schedules. The day of the visit, Liat met Dr. Khoudiachova in the comfort of her family room. Dr. Khoudiachova asked thorough questions about Liat's medical history and advised her to have a blood test done to probe even deeper into the cause of her symptoms. After the appointment, the Naturopath followed up with a personalized meal plan to get Liat back on track.

Needless to say, after finally making time to meet with these health care professionals, we both felt empowered to continue to make our wellness a big priority in our lives.

Yet house calls are a dream for moms in another major way, too...

It's Changing The Way We Parent

Growing up in South Africa and Uruguay, our family doctors used to make house calls when we were little, but for some reason that way of care got replaced for a while with in-office health care.

And let's face it... Packing a few children into car seats (especiall in the winter!) is always a mission. Sitting in traffic and rushing to get to your doctor's office on time is nothing short of stressful. And don't get us started on waiting times once we get there, ugh! With MediSeen, knowing that a health care practitioner of your choice can come to your home, at a time that suits you is a big stress reliever - almost as good as a back massage!

Since you get to pick your practitioner on MediSeen's secure website and app, you also get the chance to build a relationship with them. That is very important to us - as we appreciate the consistency of having the same person come to our home to see our children!

If you are wondering about payment, OHIP services are 100% covered, and non-OHIP services can be easily paid for via credit card and reimbursed through insurance. The app also stores your payment info so you don't need to put it in each time you book an appointment! How's that for saving time?

We Are Onboard Because This Project Supports Communities

We also love the fact that the health care providers on MediSeen's roster are all local to specific areas in the Greater Toronto Area. There is a real sense of community in supporting their mobile practices. For these providers, it also offers them the opportunity to build a flexible practice that can easily accommodate their lifestyles, too.

With new-age online services like Uber and Amazon, us parents are getting back a small sense of sanity in our busy lives. A simple and efficient service like MediSeen fits the bill just right.

Do yourselves a favor, download the MediSeen app and browse all their amazing, local practitioners. We have a feeling that just like we did, you will be booking your first in-home appointment in no time.

**This is a sponsored post brought to you by MediSeen. The opinions are completely our own based on our experience.*

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