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5 Tips For Easy Back-to-School Hair

As the days of dealing with chlorine-soaked, sweaty summer hair are coming to an end, it's got us mamas daydreaming about a fresh, fall start. There is something about the new school year that inspires us to get ready for cooler temperatures with new wardrobe pieces, shiny new backpacks, healthy homemade school snack ideas, and a fresh, clean hair-do for each of our kids.

With six children between us, the hair types, lengths, colors and styles cover the full spectrum. We have curls, red-heads, shaved heads, mohawks, wavy hair, thick and thin hair! Oftentimes, during the school year, their hair "struggles" are the main cause of stress as we try to get out the door. So what can we do to minimize hair drama this fall season?

While chatting to our friend, fellow blogger and hair stylist, Francesca, we learned about some amazing tips for our kids' hair that will get them not only ready, but rockin' for back-to-school:

1. A fresh haircut - Why not start off the new school year by booking the kids in for a "back to school” cut? Do it a few days before the first day of school so as not to add to the stress of the first few days. Having them looking fresh from the get-go will set the tone for the rest of the year. And let's face it: we navigate changes and fresh starts better not only by looking good, but by feeling good, too.

2. Nourish Their Hair For Easier Detangling - Few things are as challenging as trying to run a comb or a brush through dry, tangled hair. Herbal Essences' Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner is a moisture-rich system that will leave your kids' locks nourished and soft. Infused with coconut essences, you can feel good about using it daily on them as the products contain no parabens, gluten or mineral oils. Mornings will become easier and bad hair days will decrease - saving you tons of time and tantrums!

3. Make sure you have the right kind of brush! Tangle tweezers are Francesca's favorite. You wouldn’t think it when you look at them, but they will glide through even the longest, knottiest hair in seconds. Less tugging for the kids and less hassle for you!

4. Tie up long hair - braid, bun or otherwise. We all know that our kids' mops of hair are magnets for all unwanted germs. Nits are most common in the first few weeks of term and much less likely to get into your kid's hair if it's tied up out of the way- same goes for boys or girls with shorter hair. Keep it shorter at the beginning of the term, so there is less chance of them catching any unwanted visitors.

5. Get your kids involved! If there is anything you can do to help yourself, it's to get your kids to help you. Why not try and show them how to style their own hair? Whether it be to teach them how to brush it, tie a ponytail or apply gel, kids love to be involved and feel grown-up. All of this will (hopefully) ease your morning routine too, giving you extra time to get yourself ready and have you all leaving the house on time. Bonus tip - get them to practice before the first day back. This way, by day one you’ll all feel like pros!

What's your favorite hair trick or tip to tame your kids' hair? Drop us a comment below and we we'll share them!

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