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Chicken Kebabs, Green Bean Salad and Agua Fresca - Momjo Eats

This week, the #MomjoMamas were (wo)manning the BBQ on the latest episode of #MomjoLive Eats (see full episode here). With the freshest ingredients from Walmart Canada, they cooked up the perfect summer family meal! Walmart's online grocery order and pick up service is a total game-changer for busy moms as it makes life so much easier. If you have not yet tried it - get shopping!

On the menu was chicken and veggie kebabs, green bean salad, and watermelon and strawberry agua fresca. Something for everyone in this perfect meal, especially over the warm summer months. Keep reading for all the recipes...

Chicken Kebabs

Carolina is a master on the BBQ, and kebabs are her specialty. Quick and easy to make, these kebabs are ALWAYS a hit with everyone in the family. For those of you that don't eat chicken, you can replace it with paneer, or simply skewered veggies!

Walmart's Canadian raised boneless, skinless chicken fillets are a steal for only $10 dollars for 5 breasts.

Simply cut them into cubes, and marinade them in your favorite sauce.

Here is Momjo;s go-to marinade concoction:

- Ketchup

- Soya sauce

- Wholegrain mustard

- BBQ sauce

- Sweet chilli sauce

- Hot sauce (if you like it hot)

Mix them all in a bowl, and voila - marinade is ready!

Then you skewer the chicken cubes with your favorite veggies and they are ready for the grill! Make sure you spray them with olive oil to avoid sticky situations and sprinkle some coarse salt for added flavour.

Green Bean Salad

Watermelon and Strawberry Agua Fresca

When you get the sweetest, juiciest watermelon and strawberries from Walmart, there is only one thing to make - Agua Fresca, of course!

This refreshing summer drink topped with fresh mint is a sure family favorite, and can even be topped with a little vodka to spice things up.

There you have it! Simply order the ingredients online, get cooking and share your experiences and photos with @findingmomjo.

A BIG thanks to our sponsor, Walmart, for their excellent customer service, user-friendly online ordering and pick up service, and delicious ingredients!

Bon Appetit!

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