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Easy Passover Recipe Ideas from Momjo LIVE

It's never easy to come up with recipes to keep you family fed and healthy. But if there's one time of year that absolutely pushes our creative boundaries when it comes to food, it is Passover. In Judaism, during this special week, it is traditional for people to avoid consuming leavened flour products like pasta, breads and sometimes rice and legumes. What are we left with?

Matzah- the gigantic, flat and dry cracker that reminds Jewish people of their ancestors' rushed escape from Egypt into freedom. Jews have been consuming Matzah for thousands of years, and year after year, we have figured out different ways of adapting it into our cuisine during Passover.

During this week's episode of MomjoLIVE, we tried two of those recipes. They turned out SO good, that we went on to devour them after the show!

Let's start you up with our savory selection. The VERY Jewtalian, Vegetarian Matzah Lasagna - an adaptation of Liat's yummy pasta casserole.

Vegetarian Matzah Lasagna

Chopped Up Veggies Momjo


- 3-4 Sheets of Matzah - 2 cups shredded cheese - 1 jar tomatoe pasta sauce - 2 tablespoons cream cheese - 1 teaspoon sugar - Vegetables: 1 pint mushrooms, 1 leek, 1 pepper, 2 zucchini (Add/substitute any veggies you like) - 1 tablespoon olive oil - Salt, pepper, garlic salt, paprika, Italian seasoning

Matzah Lasagna Recipe


- Set oven to 350 degrees - Wash and chop up all veggies

- Heat some olive oil and fry leeks and mushrooms until soft and translucent

- Add peppers and zucchini and spices of your choice and fry until all veggies are cooked - For the sauce, heat the pasta sauce in a small pot on low heat - Add cream cheese and sugar and stir until blended Layering: Goal is to make 3 layers in a rectangular pyrex, in the following sequence: 1. Sauce 2. Veggies 3. Shredded cheese 4. Matzah - Repeat 2 more times, except for the third and final time - don’t add matzah on the top, just top with shredded cheese. - Bake in oven until cooked and crispy (approximately 20 mins)

Now that you've finished your 2-3 servings of Matzah Lasagna (you won't be able to stop at one!) let's try out something sweet and crunchy. Our friends' How To Eat delicious Passover

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies!

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


- 1/2 cup Canola Oil

- 2 Cups Sugar

- 2 Cups Matzo Meal

- 1 Cup Cocoa Powder

- 4 Large Eggs

- 1 tsp Vanilla

- 2 tsp Baking Powder

- Icing Sugar


- Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line two large cookie sheets with parchment paper

- In a large bowl, mix oil, sugar, matzo meal, eggs, cocoa, vanilla and baking powder

- Fill a small bowl with icing sugar

- Roll the dough into balls the size of walnuts. Roll into icing sugar to coat generously. Space 2" apart on cookie sheets

- Bake for 15 minutes

- Cool completely

The process of making these recipes was super easy. And the results? Out of this world! Give the recipes a try and let us know how they went in the comments below!

And to watch our make these recipes in our #MomjoLIVE video, head over and LIKE our Facebook Page.

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