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Why we're on a Momjo journey and why you should be, too

Our Momjo journey began during one of the highest low points of our lives. A year ago, we each had every single reason to count our lucky stars. We had been blessed with adorable and healthy babies six months earlier, we had great careers awaiting our return from mat-leave and incredible partners, family and friends to support us as we juggled raising three kids each.

We had decided that our big goal would be to get back in shape. After downloading a popular Instagram trainer’s workout app, we committed to burpee'ing, planking and squatting our way back to our pre-pregnancy bodies. But for some reason, as we kept shedding pounds and calories, we weren’t gaining the fulfillment we were seeking. Our then present selves didn’t feel whole. Something else was missing.

One early October morning, during one of our all-too-long and all-too-frequent water breaks at the gym, we happened to bump into a big, burly and intimidating idea: What if we made YouTube videos? With very little knowledge of what awaited us on the other side of that decision, we took on the challenge the same way we had approached our baby pregnancy weight: head on.

As we threw around ideas for our big project, there was a single, overriding concept that stood out above the rest. If we were feeling that something was "missing" from our busy lives, then other moms must be feeling it too. So, our desire to rediscover our mojo became the core focus for our video and "mompreneurial" goals.

We picked the name "Momjo" because we thought the meaning was obvious, right? Wrong. People kept asking us of one of us was called "Jo". We soon realized that our mission to inject some MOJO into MOM would need to be explained and clearly defined. We set out on our mission to educate mamas on what "finding your MOMJO" means-- and how important it truly is!

Happy mom = happy family. Simple as that.

Finding your Momjo is not just about excelling in your career-- it’s about finding those elements in your daily life that make you feel alive and excited about waking up in the morning (if you dread going to your job every day, even if you're a glass-ceiling shattering exec, then you haven't found your Momjo!). A hobby, a way to give back, a job, a volunteering gig – something that fills you up with joy and purpose.

The more we delved into this concept, the more we realized that the driving force behind finding our Momjo, was the vision of talking to our kids when they are grown up. One day, they will ask questions about the paths we took in life, and why we took them, as they seek to find their purpose on this planet. Our job is to wholeheartedly encourage them to find and fulfill their purpose in this world. The thought of letting years drift by without figuring out what will ignite and keep their individual spark burning brightly, was simply not an option.

But, we need to practice what we preach, right? Because our actions as parents speak louder than our words.

For us, we have found our Momjo by making videos to inspire, empower and entertain mamas on their path to focusing a LOT more on themselves and their dreams.

Have you found your Momjo yet? Here's a trick if you haven't!

Think back to when you were little. Remember the big dreams you had for what you wanted to be when you grew up! Start with one thing, throw yourself into it and commit to making it happen. Be patient and let your new-found passion, hobby or business idea unfold the way it’s meant to… immersed in passion, one step at a time.

If you are ready, we are ready for you. We invite you, fellow mama, to partake in this journey alongside us. Let’s get it back… one mom at a time.

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