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Pregnancy and Infant Loss - Breaking The Silence

There's nothing like the loneliness you experience after losing a baby. No matter in which stage of your pregnancy you were, no matter how old you were and no matter how prepared or not you were for the possibility of it happening - the loss of a pregnancy or infant makes you feel like time comes to a standstill. Kids go to school, your partner returns to work, your friends make plans for drinks, but for some reason -- and in many cases for weeks or months on end -- you have a hard time finding joy in your life. On the outside, you may appear stoic, pragmatic or even withdrawn. But in the inside, your loss has left a gaping crater of emptiness and despair.

Both of us Momjo Mamas, have seen our lives shaken by this experience. That is why, on this International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, we want our fellow moms and women to know that they are absolutely not alone, even when it feels that way. Many recent articles (including one of our first Momjo videos) have delved into what you should NOT be saying to a woman who is experiencing a pregnancy or infant loss. Learning proper etiquette when communicating with a grieving mom is very important and will save her much additional pain. However, from our own experience, it is not what family and friends did't say but what they DID for us and SAID to us, that made a big difference in our healing process.

That is why we enlisted the collaboration of our dear friend Francesca, one half of Toronto-based ethical clothing design team Frannie + Lilo, and a group of nine other brave moms and mom bloggers to hear their stories and find out how their loved ones helped them cope, survive and heal. Please watch and share with family and friends - because loss doesn't have to be lonely.

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