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Introvert and Extrovert Moms - Which are you?

Since the very first few months of our lives, people put us in a box. If you were a baby who cried lots, your parents called you a "colicky baby". If you were a kid who hid behind her mom's legs, you were your mama's "shy girl". It's no surprise then, that as we grow up-- we find ourselves boxed in by our own self-perception. Two of the most common tags us adults assign to ourselves, are the terms "extrovert" and "introvert". It seems that once we find the category with which we best align, we live our lives basking in their glow or hiding in their shadows, respectively.

But who says you ALWAYS have to be the life of the party? Who's to say that you always need to stare into your phone when surrounded by others?

The cool thing about growing up -- especially after becoming a mom -- is that the experience of raising young people throws us head first into a sea of self acceptance. If you don't love yourself just the way you are, how are you going to instill security and confidence in your own children?

Join us as we distill what it's like to be an "introvert" and "extrovert mom" on our latest video. Remember to SHARE with your friends (Thanks!) and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel!


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