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How Moms REALLY Use Pinterest in 10 Easy Steps

There is no denying the fact that Pinterest is one of the most brilliant and successful websites ever created. Being the 4th largest social media platform in the world (!!), there is literally something for everyone. From gardening hacks, to meal-planning, to genius organizational tips – you name it, it’s all there just waiting to be pinned. The amount of time you can spend browsing, searching and going pin-crazy, is frighteningly endless as it elicits a Pinterest-induced high of inspiration, creativity, and desire to DIY like never before. The addiction is real. But, there is a fine line between pinning for pleasure, and reaching levels of frustration, stress and self-criticism.

You start out with a simple, clear idea in your mind. Perhaps you have your child’s 1st birthday coming up, and the thought of doing a cake smash has become your current focus. What kind of cake? What colors? Will there be a theme? What should my baby wear? Where should we take the pictures? And from there, it snowballs out of control. The next thing you know, you are planning a full renovation of your back yard that includes a hot-tub, new garden furniture and an outdoor kitchen with pizza oven.

Has this overload of Pinterest perfection caused us to be a generation of moms that are obsessed with change and wanting more!? The concept of appreciating what you have, and living in the now has become increasingly challenging over the past years – perhaps Pinterest played a significant role in this trend? Who knows? All we know is that life is about all things balanced. And our obsession with Pinterest should be just that.

As a recent DIY home-improvement project went overboard for us #MomjoMamas – it got us thinking. Watch our latest Momjo Monday as we explore how modern moms use Pinterest and why we hate to love it :)

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