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Father's Day Gift Ideas for Last-Minute Mamas

If you're anything like us, you're super excited to celebrate your man this coming Sunday. But if you're anything like us, too, you haven't yet decided what you're going to give him. Lucky for you, these Momjo mamas have done some last-minute research and come up with gifts you can turn around in a jiffy! (Thank goodness for the Internet ;) Check out the slideshow below and scroll down for more details.

A Nice Rub, From a Professional

Yes, you may get your kids together and serve him breakfast in bed. But how about pairing up heart-shaped waffles with a relaxing massage, right in the comfort of your own home? It turns out that an Uber-style, on-demand massage service is now a thing in the Toronto Area. Download the Massago app, enter the time and day when you need the treatment and a super vetted Registered Massage Therapist will show up at Dad's door. All you need to provide is sheets and towels!

Where are my keys?

We can all agree that just like us moms, busy dads have a lot to think about! No wonder they find it hard to keep track of the house keys, cellphones and that ever-elusive wallet! That's where Tile comes in. This handy and tiny Bluetooth activated square can be affixed to pretty much any of Dad's personal belongings. Once he downloads the Tile App on his phone, he can find that object literally anywhere! You can buy an individual tile or a four-pack. This smart contraption will definitely save your family time when trying to leave your home-- if only it could help Dad remember anniversaries!

Keep it hot

As if your man wasn't hot enough! There's tons of different subscription clubs out there- offering everything from monthly mail-order socks to Japanese snacks. When it comes to Dad though, we are particularly fond of hot sauce subscription services. You heard it! You sign your man (or dad) up for a monthy or quarterly package and every single time, he'll find surprise and delight in an endless selection of carefully curated gourmet hot sauces. Some of our favourite services are FuegoBox and Lick My Dip. Awesomesauce!

Taking him places

What is it with men and pockets? You know... cargo shorts? Nowadays, many dads out there have to travel for work. But by the time they turn 30, a Mountain Equipment backpack no longer qualifies as proper luggage-- even though it's chock-full of handy pockets. Why not treat the father of your children to a carry-on he can be proud of and look stylish in? We love TUMI (check out their outlet stores for great deals!).

The Gift of Choice!

Does your main squeeze love cheese? Beer? Sausages? This will take an hour out of your day- but why not scour one or two of your neighbourhood supermarkets to pick-up a an exciting selection of his favourite treats? More and more, grocery retailers and liquor stores are stocking up on gourmet food and drink from all around the world. You can buy a nice basket and fill it with his top picks - budget friendly AND super thoughtful! Plus, you can make it part of your weekly grocery buy!

Liked our ideas? Do you have any others? Please leave our comments and share this blog if it could help other time-strapped mamas!

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