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Two-way Scrumptious Salmon

In an effort to try find our #momjo in the kitchen, we have decided to share our quick, easy, (and hopefully tasty) recipes with you.

On the menu today was grilled salmon, and since different people prefer different types of salmon, I gave in and prepared 2 different kinds. But look how easy:

Soya & Sweet Chilli Salmon:

2 simple ingredients - Soya Sauce and Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Just mix the 2 together and spoon onto the salmon. Let it marinade on the salmon for 20-30 mins if you can, and then pop it in the oven until browned and cooked to your preferred perfection.

Salmon with Avo Salsa:

This is my husband's all-time favorite! Simply drizzle some olive oil on the salmon, then sprinkle salt, pepper and paprika and grill as is!

While its grilling, mix the following ingredients to make the avo salsa:


Fresh cilantro

Fresh lime juice


Black Pepper

Once the salmon is cooked, plate it up and spoon the fresh salsa on the top and voila!

Salmon with Avo Salsa

Bon Appetit!

Want to watch me make this? Check out the Facebook video right below: And don't forget to Like/Follow us on Facebook @findingmomjo for access to our latest content!

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