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Date Balls You'll Go Nuts For

Each week on MOMJO LIVE, we love to share our favorite treats. We love to feature local bakeries, restaurants and products, but this week we kept it close to home with our favorite homemade and not-too-unhealthy delight: Date Balls.

They are so quick and easy to make... just use the below recipe as the base and feel free to add some extra ingredients to satisfy your individual cravings.


The basic ball needs 2 ingredients:

1. Nut butter of your choice (we prefer Almond Butter)

2. Dates (Madjool dates are our fav)

*The ratio of dates to nut butter is 2 dates: 1 Tablespoon of nut butter. Use your discretion if you prefer more of either ingredient as sometimes the consistency of nut butters may vary.

(Sometimes we add a sprinkle of raw oats, and/or any chopped nuts or seeds of your choice - yum!)


1. Pit and then chop up the dates

2. Mix well with the nut butter

3. Divide the mixture into smaller portions and ball them in your hands

4. Now, for the secret to date ball success... put the balls in the freezer for at least 20 minutes, or more!

And voila - a delicious, sweet and healthy treat to go with your coffee, tea, or cup of milk. Your kids might just love them too!


Homemade Date Balls with Milk

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