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To All Hardworking Mamas

To those of you who can spend the whole day with your kids.

And to those of you who wish you could spend the whole day with your kids. And to those of you who would much rather enjoy adult conversation.

To those moms who sew together every single costume for the school play.

And to those moms who arrive five minutes late. Drenched in sweat. A broken heel.

To the moms who stand by the sidelines, screaming like honourary coaches.

To the moms who send dad to soccer practice and get to sleep in just a little bit.

To the moms who sit with their kids and help them do homework.

To the moms who cram homework time into 10 minutes during breakfast.

To those moms who buy those pricey, stainless aluminum bento boxes and fill them with organic, vegan, nut free, grass fed, free range, gluten free deliciousness.

And to those moms who order their kids an equally scrumptious slice of pizza.

To the more generous mamas who actually order two slices.

And to those moms who do Lunch Lady on a Monday, subs on a Tuesday and Lunchables here and there.

To those moms who give their kids only water.

And to those moms who give their kids pop, and juice every so often.

And the moms who let their kids take a sip of their coffee.

To the mamas who breastfeed for a full year.

To those who do it for two years, three years, four years?

And to those who feed them formula.

To the mamas who kiss each and every boo boo.

To the mamas who tell you to suck. It. Up.

To those moms who are best friends with their Swiffers, and their mops...

And to those moms who just bought a Roomba. Or a dog.

To the moms who minx the gym. Pilates, Zumba, Samba, Mamba.

And to the mamas who minx Netflix just the same.

To the moms who look up recipes on Pinterest and replicate them to the tee.

And to the moms who burn half the food. But hey! The meal was made with love and that's all that matters.

To those moms who are always the perfect hostess.

And to those who will drop a million hints so that you'll invite them over.

To the mamas who make their kids bedrooms look like magic castles. On clouds. With elves who sing their kids to sleep. To the mamas who paint the ceiling fuchsia and call it a day.

To the mamas who got to get their nails and highlights done.

To the mamas who like it au naturel.

To the mamas who post each and every single picture of their kids on social media.

Look, they peed in the potty for the same time!

Look, they peed in the for the second time!

They peed in the potty again, with a cat on their lap !

To the mamas who have five good friends, and that's a social as they'll get.

To the moms who are so proud of their mommying skills.

To the moms who think they suck.

To those moms that brag.

And the ones who constantly, feel guilty.

To the mamas who have a nanny, a night nurse, a chef, a personal trainer.

To those moms that rack up the airlines and travel for work.

To those moms whose husbands travel and have to do it all on their own. To those moms who ALWAYS have to do it on their own.

To the mamas who work in their bunny slippers and their Lululemons.

To the mamas who put on their power suits, head downtown and break the glass ceiling.

To the mamas who work at home 24/7.

To the mamas who work outside their homes and then come home, to do a little more work.

You mamas.

Bad mamas,

Good mamas. Crazy mamas.

Zen mamas.

Mamas whose hearts, regardless of how insane their husbands and kids make them, are brimming with love for them.

Mamas who try YOUR freaking darnest.

At home.

At work.

At life.

Loves yourselves because we love you.

You're rocking it to no end.



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