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From Cribs to Big Kid Beds – 5 Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress for your Preschooler

They can dress themselves, feed themselves (most of the time), and they now talk back! Our four-year-olds are becoming “big kids” right before our eyes. The preschooler years are adorable and challenging at the same time. We see new changes in them every day. One of the latest transitions we have had to manage has been that big step from their tiny cribs and toddler beds to big kid beds.

Both our four-year-olds are now sleeping in full-size mattresses - no more squeezing into tiny toddler beds, falling asleep and waking up with an achy neck for us! It’s been a big deal for us, but for them, it has been a huge rite of passage. The moment they laid their mini-selves on their new Endy mattresses, you could see it in their eyes. They were brimming with pride. Though we still haven’t figured out how to keep them in their beds some nights!

Now, how did we decide which mattresses to get for them? Afterall, a new sleep surface is one of the most important purchases you will ever make for your children’s rooms. There’s a few factors we considered when making that decision – and just in case you’re looking to upgrade your child’s sleeping experience, we thought we’d share them with you, too.

1. Minimize The Messes: You preschoolers may feel like big kids but in reality, accidents might continue to happen for a few years. You need a mattress that you can clean easily. That’s one of the reasons why we loved their Endy mattresses. The micro quilted mattress cover itself is zippered, meaning that you can remove and machine wash it in case of any spills. No more five-year-old yucky stains tattooed onto the mattress. That’s a big deal for us.

2. Bye Back Pain: For years we opted for inner spring mattresses for ourselves and our kids – after all, it was “the way to go” a decade ago. Well, the foam mattress revolution has now become mainstream and let us tell you – our tired backs are thankful. Lifting a foam mattress to change the bedding is easy-peasy. Honestly, we prefer to get our arm workouts some other way!

3. Smooth Exits: If you ever raised kids, you know the fear and anticipation of having to get up from the bed of a sleeping child without waking them. We inch away little by little, hoping our bones won’t crack or that a sudden shift in the mattress will undo all the blood, sweat and tears you put into getting them to fall asleep. When it comes to sidestepping this parental faux-pas, our Endy foam mattresses are a dream. The mattress’ transitional foam layer provides a gradual transfer of energy, achieving zero motion transfer. Go ahead - put on your dark sunglasses. You’re now a smooth operator.

4. Cozy in their Covers: If you pay a visit to your child while they sleep (cue Robert Munch’s “I Love You Forever”), you’ll most likely find their covers at the bottom of their bed. This is totally anecdotal (well, we have six kids between the two of us), but young children become hot tamales when they sleep. So when we set out to choose a mattress for them, we looked for a breathable surface – a mattress that could keep air circulating underneath their sweaty bodies. The top layer of their mattresses features an exclusive open-air cell foam to do just that. And now onto the final factor you should consider when buying a mattress for your child…

5. They Won’t Be Little Forever: It’s tough to fathom as they hang around our necks, but before we know it, our preschoolers will be teenagers. How often do you want to be shopping for a mattress? Ideally, a quality sleep surface should last 7-10 years. That means that by the end of their mattresses’ useful life, our kids will be – you guessed it – teens! We both personally decided to jump into double (or full) mattresses for our loveys to forego altogether, the time and expense that goes into purchasing another mattress as they grow older. Of course, we all work with the size of our living space, but whether you go for a twin or double – or larger – the mattresses will withstand the test of time. Furthermore, Endy’s pricing is completely reasonable, making their mattresses a worthwhile investment for many nights to come.

We hope these points come in handy as you think of transitioning your preschooler into a big kid bed. Before partnering up with Endy, all mattresses pretty much looked the same to us. We’ve learned so much since and are happy to share that knowledge with you.

Want to try Endy for yourself or your family? They are having an amazing sale right now until May 12. Canadians can take $75 off of their purchase of $600 or more at! Sweet dreams to all...

**Disclaimer: This post was part of a collaboration program, however all opinions are our own.

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