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7 Easy Tips For Better Family Photography - With Your Phone!

Want to take better family photography with your phone? Here are 7 easy tips you can use to improve your every day photos of your kids and family!

These tips are quick and easy and will change the quality of your photos.

The tips include:

1. Use natural light

2. Use negative space

3. Change perspective

4. Use features & apps

5. Invest in a good phone

6. Bribe the kids :)

7. Avoid the flash

Watch and learn from Andrea Trifunovic from Blue Orchid Photography as she shares her top tips for taking great photos of your family. Andrea is a mom of two boys and was named the winner of the Top Newborn Photographer in Vaughan, Canada, by the Top Choice Awards 2019.

For more of her amazing work, follow her on Instagram @blueorchidphotos and check out her website.

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