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Momjo Meets The Wiggles!

If you are big fans of The Wiggles as we are - then you know how amazing it would be to meet them in - in real life!

We got to hang out with them backstage of their show in Hamilton, on their annual Canadian Wiggles tour - and it was amazing to say the least!

Anthony Wiggle, Emma Wiggle, Lachy Wiggle, Simon Wiggle, Captain Feathersword - you were all so gracious and welcoming! Thank you so much for having us!

The cherry on the top? We even got a shout out during the actual show - watch the full video for all the details :)

How did we get to meet them? Well, did you watch our Wiggles Parody? They saw it, loved it and invited us to the show!! WE LOVE THE WIGGLES :)

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