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Braille Skateboarding Made Simple Review - Learn to Skate For Kids & Moms!

*Get 10% off your order with Promo Code "MOM" from Braille Skateboarding:*

We tried Braille Skateboarding! Our kids wanted to learn to skate, so on our quest for the best skateboard out there, and a skateboarding for beginners course that would teach our kids how to skate - we found Braille Skateboarding and their amazing Skateboarding Made Simple online course.

Watch this fun review video as we share our kids' reactions to unboxing their colorful skateboards, how fun it was to watch and learn the skateboarding made simple lessons, and then how the first skateboarding trial turned out (for our kids and us moms!)

If your children want to learn to skate, or you are looking for a high quality skateboard that's safe, accessible and easy to order - check out Braille Skateboarding!

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