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MIXTILES REVIEW - What We REALLY Think Of This Wall Art!?

Here is our honest Mixtiles review! We finally ordered our wall art photo tiles, and in this video we are sharing the full process with you. From ordering, to unboxing, and then the mounting process on our walls - if you are considering Mixtiles, then this review video is for you!

According to Mixtiles, they enable you to "turn your photos into affordable, stunning wall art". The tiles are 8" by 8" and they claim to be removable, reusable and leave no marks.

Watch as we share our pro's and con's of Mixtiles - as well as all the things we like about our experience,and our thoughts on the cost of the tiles.

Ultimately, we both agree that Mixtiles is a great option for printing, mounting and hanging photos in your home - all done right from your smart phone!

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