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Best Vacuum Cleaner 2019 - Hoover OnePWR Cordless VS. Floormate Jet Review

Which is the best vacuum cleaner 2019!? We put the Hoover OnePWR Blade+ cordless vacuum cleaner up against the Hoover OnePWR cordless Floormate Jet to find out how these two appliances compare to one another, and work individually! Get some cleaning motivation as we show you both vacuum cleaners that are part of the larger OnePWR range of indoor and outdoor appliances, all powered by lithium battery technology.

This is a fun "clean with me" style video as we speed clean our way through our busy homes that constantly need cleaning and vacuuming!

We looked at the assembly of each, the different parts, their battery compatibility, how they work in different areas of the house including the kitchen, outside, carpets, stairs, corners and more! Watch as we review both cordless vacuums for some cleaning motivation and let us know which vacuum you prefer!?


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