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Detangle Kids Curly Hair - Easy Morning Routine for Moms | Back To School 2019

Learn how to detangle your kids' curly hair with ease and no frizz! Moms, if you are looking for an easy curly hair morning routine for your kids especially - this video is for you!

Our back to school 2019 morning routine with Kinder Curls products makes life easier and brighter - and gets the curls done. Watch as we walk you through our easy morning hair care routine for kids with curly hair.

I'm determined to help my girls flaunt their curls and rock the school year in style! Since we wash their hair at night, they wake up in the morning with their hair in a mush! How do I fix it? I've taught the girls to manage their own curls and with the Kinder Curls product line - it's easier than ever!

My curly hair care routine for them includes three items:

*Kinder Curls Creamy Curls

*Kinder Curls Super Curls

*The Kinder Curls detangling brush

FOR MORE INFORMATION on these products, check out:

So there it is Mamas, no more crying, no more frizzy hair… just school ready kiddos and a happy mama! Do you have any questions about the process or products? DROP THEM BELOW!

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