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The Secret to Tackling School Lunch Anxiety

There are still two weeks left of summer holidays left, but admit the anxiety of what to make for school lunches is quickly rising within you!? Not sure about your kids, but our kids' dietary requests and tolerances have dwindled down to plain pasta, plain white bagels, chips, freezies and maybe a piece of fresh fruit (biggest #momwin this summer).

So, how do we tackle these picky eaters and the impending school lunch stress?

The answer is simple: We do it TOGETHER.

Recently on our IG stories, we put out a question for other mamas feeling the same way to send us their go-to lunch or dinner recipes or ideas that work in their homes.

Since sharing is caring - we were flooded with recipes, photos of home-cooked meals, links to websites they use, and suggestions for what to do to get prepared for the coming school year.

The feeling that yet again - we are NOT alone in our mothering challenges makes it feel like WE CAN DO THIS! So - if you have a recipe or culinary tip you wish to share with us our you girlfriends - do it! Don't wait for them to ask...

And if you are struggling with ideas for what to make or offer your kids (even tonight for dinner) - ask your network of friends, coworkers, neighbors and family!

From our quick research, the following ideas have surfaced, and we have to admit it's given us some newfound cooking motivation - long may that last!

Here are some of the ideas we have collected so far:

Pasta Salad

Something we have never actually thought about, but are certainly going to try - is a pasta salad like the one found on We love the idea that it doesn't need to be served hot (let's just hope the kids feel the same way about this as we do).

Left Overs For Lunch - Julie Miguel

Our friend, Julie (@julesaujus), recently showed off her amazing #momhacks for how to turn left overs into school lunches on CityLine TV.

For the full episode and some quick culinary inspo - watch here!

Breakfast for Lunch

Love this idea! Boiled eggs, pancakes, waffles, fruit - anything goes! Even got a suggestion to give oatmeal with with frozen berries in a thermos :)

Yael's Mama's Pasta Surprise

In an effort to get her daughter to eat tuna, Yael came up with this pasta recipe that takes 20 mins from start to finish and is always a win in her family!

Ingredients: 1 tin of tuna 1 onion 1 large tomato 250 ml cooking cream Salt & Pepper 1/4 teaspoon of stock powder for taste (chicken/veg) Pasta of your choice Method: 1. Dice onions SMALL and fry till soft 2. Dice and add FRESH tomatoes and fry for a few minutes 3. Add and fry drained tuna (Flake it up so there are no chunks) 4. Add cream, salt, pepper and a quarter tsp of stock powder 5. Leave to boil for a few minutes- add desired cooked pasta.

Natalie's Simple Quinoa

If your kids love quinoa, or if you haven't tried to give it to them in the long time - there is no time like the present! Simply boiled in some chicken stock with a little salt and pepper - its a win in her house!

Make it even more simple? Order the organic quinoa from Amazon (Kirkland brand) and it gets delivered to your door!

Lasagna Roll Ups

We're hoping our kids will be sold when they hear "roll ups" - this alternative pasta dish from Weelicious sounds delicious! Click here for the recipe.

Chicken Faves

1. Chicken skewers on the BBQ, with salad, and small potatoes smashed with butter (Thanks Alayne)

2. Almond Flour Chicken Fingers - these may not be school-safe but a healthy alternative for dinner! Thanks to Alana - she referenced a yummy recipe from Nutritiously Nicole on IG.

No-Bake Energy Bites

Even though these are not school-friendly due to the nut butter included, the energy bites from Gimme Some Oven are an amazing alternative to regular cookies and sugar-filled treats when the kids arrive home from school. The recipe looks quick and easy to make, and of course the addition of chocolate chips will hopefully make it irresistible for the kids to try! (Thanks Natalie)

Websites/Groups our #MomjoMamas Love

* Simple Family Food - Join this group on Facebook for the Lunchbox Project this September! It's a FREE challenge showcasing lots of ideas and inspirations for school lunches, plus ways to engage kids in the process!

* LunchBots (on IG) - Thanks Katie!

* TheLittleLunchers (on IG) - Thanks Simmi!

There you have it! Big shout out to all the mamas who sent us ideas, tips, pics and recipes! We hope this list gives you the push to get back in the kitchen and keep trying to make delicious and nutritious meals for your kids as they embark on a new school year!

Wishing you all a smooth, healthy and calm transition back to school!

From our families to yours...

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