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Facial Fillers for Laugh Lines (Nasolabial Folds) RECAP - Four Months After Treatment

Four months ago, I got Juvederm fillers for my laugh lines a.k.a nasolabial folds and was so happy with the results! Watch the original video documenting the full treatment HERE: (Warning: graphic content)

In this video, we share a recap on the process, where Carolina is at today as she answers some burning post-treatment questions like:

1. Would you do it again?

2. How painful was it?

3. How was the recovery?

4. Did you notice a difference immediately?

5. If you did it again, would you try more filler?

6. How did people react?

7. Now that you've tried laugh line filler, would you like to do anything else?

8. Would Liat get any work done?

9. Did your kids notice? Did you tell them about it?

**For blurred out needle version - watch here **

This treatment was provided by the amazing Dr. Andrea Herschorn, Cosmetic Medicine Physician, MD CCFP.

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