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10 Essentials When Packing for Travel With Kids

What to pack when you travel with kids? Check out our Top 10 summer vacation essentials your family CANNOT travel without!

Summer is here and hopefully you are getting your family travel and adventure on! Based on our recent family summer travels and trips, we have devised the ultimate Summer travel essentials list - including the things you NEVER think of bringing, but ALWAYS need...

Here are the top 10 things you need to pack for summer family travel - in no specific order:

3. Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen!

5. Bug Bite Relief cream - Benadryl stick and Vaseline and Aloe Vera Gel -

6. Hats hats and more hats!

7. Snacks! Some of our favs include: Made Good Bars and Mary's Crackers

8. Ziploack bags: Small and Large

So there you have it - did we forget anything!? Drop us a comment below with your summer vacation essentials and let us know which one of the ones we listed you simply can't travel without!

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