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Why you NEED to Quit Sugar! 10 Day Sugar Detox and Cleanse Debrief

We quit sugar for 10 days straight! Want to know if the sugar detox and and cleanse in our diet made a difference and how we felt after the 10 days were up? In this video we share our candid debrief about the physical and mental changes we experienced from clean eating, and what we plan to do with our diet moving forward...

Why we did this cleanse? After learning the real side-effects of sugar in our diet, and how bad it really is for us, we decided to do a 10 day refined sugar cleanse and go completely sugar free. We ate super clean, even quitting coffee, dairy, meat, any refined or processed sugar and white flour - and we ate whole foods, lots of veggies, beans, pulses and grains! Have you ever tried the cut sugar from your diet?

Got any questions about healthy eating like this? Let us know in the comments below...

For more information about the cleanse from Dr. Jodi Larry - click here.

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