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What happens when you eat SUGAR? With Naturopathic Dr. Jodi Larry

What really happens to your body when you eat SUGAR? How bad is sugar, REALLY?? We keep hearing how unhealthy refined sugar is for us and our families, but we want to know why! Are you addicted to sugar or do you constantly crave sweet things? In this video, we sit down with Naturopathic Doctor, Jodi Larry as she answers all our burning sugar questions:

-WHY is it bad for us?

-Is it ALL sugar and sweet things?

-WHAT does it do to us that makes it so bad?

-HOW to live without it?

-And more!

Watch, listen and learn how unrefined sugar really could be our worst enemy.


Tell us in the comments below... Want to cleanse yourself from sugar and learn how to live and thrive without it? Jodi offers a life-changing 30 day cleanse and we are giving away one spot for a mama to join us on this revolutionary cleanse. For more on the cleanse - click here

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