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Helping Content Creators Thrive with Likes and Cents

Almost three years ago, two good friends and suburban working moms embarked on a surprising journey. One afternoon, as we worked out at an area gym, we made the decision to become video bloggers. We named our vlog Momjo – two moms trying to get their mojos back.

The concept appeared simple as we took our first few steps into the world of video content production. We both had endless supplies of curiosity and perseverance which we were certain, would drive us to success.

Little did we know however, that our passion would require a significant financial investment. One can video blog with a phone, but in order to create impactful, poignant and sometimes brand-friendly video, Momjo had to up its technical game.

Very quickly, we realized that we needed to download new editing software and a video-optimization platform. All paid. In the blink of an eye, we found ourselves lugging around two tripods, a ring light, lab mics, a state-of-the-art gimbal (image stabilization) and more equipment. Amazon was making a fortune from us, and we needed to finance our tech needs.

Fast forward almost three years later, and our community has blossomed. We currently produce two videos every week, populate our social media channels with daily content and most importantly, cultivated a community of like-minded moms (and some dads) who are tagging along on the journey we once began alone.

This is where our interest in exploring Quid comes in. Quid is a great tool for content creators like us to enable our loyal community to have a direct impact on the amount and quality of content we can produce- in the form of micro-payment donations. Our fans can donate between two cents and two dollars to support our work.

Implementation was easy. Our website was built on the Wix platform. Upon communicating with the Quid technical team, we quickly received detailed, step-by-step instructions for installing the Quid widget on our Momjo Blog. What seemed like a complex, technical process only took five minutes!

We placed the slider on our homepage. It looks great and is completely intuitive to use. Now our fans can simply move the Quid slider to their desired micro-payment amount, click a DONATE NOW button and enter their credit card details for a quick, flawless experience.

We are excited about Quid. We believe social media and YouTube users wants to see great content reflected in their feeds. Content that speaks to them and moves them. By supporting their favorite creators – both with likes and cents- they are enabling exactly that.

Note: This blog post is paid by Quid Payment Solutions. Views and opinions are the creators'.


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