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What is Menstrual Cup & How It Works - DivaCup Review

Heard of the DivaCup? Are you curious about HOW it works, IF it works, HOW TO insert it, and what is FEELS LIKE?

In this video, we go straight to the source as we speak to Sophie Zivku, DivaCup's Communications Manager, for the full deets about this revolutionary period product! You will also hear from Carolina as she shares her honest opinion, candid review and thoughts on the Diva Cup after she tried it!

**Note that while Carolina tried the cup overnight, DivaCup does recommend trying the cup during the day when first trying it out**

DivaCup is available in 3 sizes: - Model 0 for under age 18 - Model 1 for 18-30 and/or pre-kids - Model 2 for 30+ and/or post kids!

TELL US: Have you tried a menstrual cup? Do you want to try one? Got any questions? Drop your thoughts and questions in the comments below, and we'll answer straight back!

For more information about the DivaCup - visit their website:

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