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5-Minute Make-Up Routine - Day to Night

If you're anything like us, you've been "rocking" the same make-up look for the last 20-ish years! A bit of smudgy eyeliner here, some pressed powder to get rid of the shine there... Things were getting old. Fast. We wanted to once and for all, put an end to the monotony in our beauty routine. So we enlisted the help of gorgeous #MomjoMama of two and beauty expert Candice Torch. She joined us for an incredible 45-minutes of make-up tips and tricks (Watch our video here)

We wanted to figure out how to put on our faces in the morning and transition into nighttime looks - for those special nights when the babysitter doesn't stand us up :) So listen up! Candice's tips are gold.


  • Apply your mascara after the shower and after you moisturize. Goodbye smudge!

  • Freeze! Let it try before you do anything else.

  • Conceal your eyelids and apply a soft matte or light shimmer eye shadow all over. Concealer helps set the shadow much better - it'll last longer!

  • Use moisturizer to clean any under-eye messes or smudges.

  • Apply concealer under-eye, followed by foundation all over your face.

  • Use your bronzer as bronzer AND blush (apply in an "E" shape) and go slay that school drop-off!


  • Choose a darker eye-shadow shade and blend into your eyelid crease and outer eye. Yep! Apply it right over your earlier, lighter shade.

  • Put your blender brush to work. Blend, baby, blend!

  • Use a highlighter under your brow bone.

  • Get cozy with your eyeliner. It might take some practice - but work with small strokes along the lash line.

  • Add a bit of eye shadow under your lower lash-line to make those peepers pop!

  • Use moisturizer, again, to clean your under-eye area.

  • Conceal your under-eye again and apply powder.

  • Finally, choose a coloured blush for the apples of your cheeks and vamp up that pout with a brighter, matte lip.

Candice's Favourite Beauty Products:

Pur: Primer, Powder foundation, Concealer, Mineral bronzer

Tarte: Matte bronzer, Mascara, Eye shadow pallets, Beige inner eyeliner, Matte lip gloss

Urban decay: Eye shadow pallete, Liquid foundation

Kat Von Dee: Eyeliner

Too faced: Lip gloss

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