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Momjo Gets a Mouthful from the Bite Me More Sisters

As self-proclaimed foodies, we know great food when we see it (and taste it). And we have seen only amazing and mouth-watering meals, snacks and treats coming from the hilarious, talented and fun sisters from Bite Me More. What they cook up in their kitchen is nothing short of remarkable – but most of all, we are big fans of their playful, and fun-loving energy that is sprinkled on everything they do.

We simply love to know the story behind women who make their dreams into a reality – so we are excited to share Momjo’s exclusive interview with the Bite Me More sisters - Julie and Lisa!

1. There are so many chefs, foodies, bloggers out there trying to differentiate themselves in the food space. How did you ladies break through in this industry and turn your passion for food and cooking into the successful business that it is today?

We had hundreds of cookbooks between us but none that consistently answered the question, “What’s for dinner?” Our mission became one of making people’s lives easier, setting everyone up for success and bringing great food and fun to the kitchen and the table. That said, our journey hasn’t been easy, but it most definitely has been filled with laughs – we love eating and feeding and best of all, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, saving the world one cupcake at a time.

2. How did you know you had what it takes to make this dream become a reality? Where did the confidence come from?

For us, ‘no’ has never been a deterrent. We are both very, very determined, whether it’s at the stove or on the computer. We’ve always pulled out one of Tim Gunn’s (aka Project Runway host) catchphrases when challenged: Make it work. Luck for us, we always have each other to bounce ideas off of and to lean on.

3. What is the story behind the "Bite Me" name and branding? Why not "Chew Me" or "Eat Me" :)

Haven’t you always wanted to tell someone to ‘Bite Me’ and not get in trouble? We wanted something that was going to be a bit cheeky but wouldn’t stun our grandmother! Trust us, we had way more naughty titles, but they didn’t pass the censor (aka Lisa).

4. What are each of your favorite things to make and eat? Sweet or savory?

While we definitely both have sweet teeth (dessert is dessert…we don’t hide broccoli in cookies when it should be butter!), but Lisa also love to make soups. Not only are they easy and healthy, but also they’re so flavour-packed when vegetables are roasted first. As for Julie, she’s a brunch maven – French Toast Souffle with Caramelized Rice Krispies is always on her menu!

5. What would be your one piece of advice for moms when it comes to helping their kids decide what career path to take?

We always tell our kids to follow their heart and do what they love. Lisa and I really love what we do. So work doesn’t feel like a chore. It feels like fun. And if our kids could find careers that they truly enjoy, that would make us both really happy!

Julie and Lisa are inspirational - true #MomjoMamas! They do what they love, they have fun doing it, and they fill people's homes with delicious food - what could be better?

Check them out at and get cooking!

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