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We’re Having a Pity Party, and You’re All Invited

Perhaps it’s this time of year, but something has got us mamas feeling low. Like, real low. We’re talking exhausted, moody, snappish, unmotivated, distracted and impatient. Oh, and did we say tired?

Life has its ups and downs, but for some reason lately it seems much harder to snap out of it – and the real concern is that we don’t see an end in sight. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? How and when are we going to get out of this funk? The answer is… we don’t know.

With the holiday season just around the corner, the thought of having the kids home for the holidays makes us want to curl up in bed and hibernate for the next six months. We are trying to ignore these thoughts and focus on more positive fantasies like a relaxing family beach holiday… (A mama can dream). Maybe the time off school and out of the regular routine will be exactly what we need to refresh our mood? Who knows!

Apparently, there is a thing called “Novemberlitis”, that describes exactly what we’re feeling, and it’s clearly a calendar-related epidemic. It actually makes perfect sense - the year has been long, we’ve worked hard, parenting is non-stop, it’s getting cold, and we’re not on holiday yet. So, if that’s the case, then hopefully this too shall pass...

We're wondering if we can cure ourselves from this seasonal bug?

Here’s our suggested remedy: First off – embrace how you feel - be the queen of the pity party and feel sorry for yourself! You are a mom (a.k.a super human) so this type of downer is bound to happen. Prescribe yourself more rest and do less. Ask the people around you for more patience and support, and put UberEats on speed dial for dinner. Forgive yourself for not baking holiday cookies from scratch and eat that slab of chocolate you’ve been mentally torturing yourself about. And finally, take yourself off that insanely high pedestal - just for a moment.

Let's hope this feeling subsides soon enough. In the meantime, to those mamas out there struggling with similar symptoms - we are right there with you, living it up at the same pity party. Cheers!

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