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How to Start Jogging Today: 5 Tips

If you've been following our latest social media posts (see: FB / Insta), we have both decided to try to get fit again. Oh the irony! Our Momjo journey began at the gym-- but soon after, our gym routine ended with Momjo. A month or so after giving birth to our third babies, we committed to making our fitness and well-being our top priority. But life gets in the way, work gets in the way and excuses get in the way.


The moment we started producing videos and trying to create engaging content for you, was the exact moment when we put our kick-ass workout schedule to rest. Now almost a year later, our backs hurt and knees kill. We are long overdue for a return to pumping hearts, sweat and why not-- feeling healthy and sexy again.

Now that we're back at jogging as we have signed up for a 10km race at the end of October, we thought we'd share with you, our 5 Tips To Get YOU Jogging.

1. Stand tall and notice how you feel: Does you lower back hurt? Do your jelly abs feel like they can't hold the weight of your body? And how's that energy? When we don't work out, we feel like we need to sleep all day -- an honestly, having to run after one or multiple Tasmanian devils every day -- we are down for anything that will 'give a boost to our coffee intake!

2. Make A Commitment: Sometimes just saying you're going to do something is not enough. Like when you say you're going to start ironing your blouses... or when you commit to finally start watering that dying orchid you've had sitting in your kitchen for a year. Sign up for a 5 or 10k run, pay for it, and somehow your wishful thinking will turn into something you NEED to do.

3. Buy New Gear: Even a 5-dollar pair of jogging shorts on sale will push you to lace up your runners. If you're anything like us, you probably ache to wear your new clothing the moment you leave the store. Well, here's your chance to spend a few bucks on something that's gonna help make you healthier-- whether you stop at a Starbucks for a frappuccino during your run is up to you.

4. Find a Friend: Peer pressure worked when you were a kid and your friends got you to dye your hair purple. And it still works today! When you partner up with someone who's just as determined -- if not more-- as you, you'll have a cheerleader on-demand who will keep tabs on you throughout the whole journey.

5. Just Get OFF The Couch: Being a mom and getting your bum off your chair is hard. After all, life with kids sometimes feels like you run a marathon EVERY DANG DAY. So take that first step-- we promise that every other step after that will feel a lot easier and will get you a lot closer to feeling incredible again.

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