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Momjo Learns How to Eat

Healthy cooking with and for your family can often-times be a daunting task. Between deciding what's on the menu, getting groceries and finding the time to cook, we think all moms will agree its an ongoing challenge.

So when we had the opportunity to host the knowledgeable and adorable ladies from the blog entitled "How To Eat", on Momjo Live, we jumped at it. (And when we say "we", we mean our appetites). Keep reading for details on our life-changing giveaway...

Erin MacGregor and Dara Gurau gracefully cooked up a storm in our kitchen last week, while filming Momjo Live as usual on a Wednesday night. Between dancing, laughing, and chatting, we got loads of healthy eating tips for all the family. As registered and practicing dietitians, their outlook on food, cooking and family wellness is refreshing, fun and admirable.

In case you missed it, you can watch the full episode here:

And for the recipes of the deliciousness that we made together, click here:

Want to win a full week's customized meal plan, that includes recipes, grocery lists, the works? All you need to do is:

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Bon Appetite!

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