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5 Tips to Help Moms Go Back to Work

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Career Coach and Recruiter Lauren Ritchie ( Lauren does lots of work to prepare mothers like us to re-join the workforce or to make their next big career move. So, we wanted to find out from her what she thinks working moms should keep in mind before shopping for a new work wardrobe!

Here is a re-cap of Lauren's helpful tips for you to keep handy and to share with friends who you think may be able to use the information. (Click HERE if you missed the video)


Before making a career change or resuming work all-together, make sure you have everything in place to give you the space to move forward. What does that mean? You need to have the necessary arrangements in place, including daycare, an after-school program, a sitter, etc. It is crucial that you find peace of mind regarding the care of your family (especially your kids') well-being before heading back to the office.


Whether you are returning to your old job or looking for a new one, be ready to NETWORK like a pro. If returning to your old job-- for example, after maternity leave-- call up an old colleague from the office and ask if they would like to meet for a coffee. Or call up your boss and tell her you would like to drop by to say hi or attend an upcoming team meeting. It's important to break the ice and bridge the gap. If you are looking for something new, like an industry switch, or even starting your own business, again networking is the key to success. Plus, do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn-- the best tool out there for effective networking.


Before going back to work, make sure to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Your resume is crucial if you're looking for a change in the corporate arena. Your LinkedIn profile though, matters in every scenario.


Road blocks and detours are part of your professional path, so expect them to pop up and try to embrace them. It's not a matter of IF it's going to happen but a matter of WHEN. As a mom, it is impossible to anticipate everything that may come up along the way. You may need to change directions and have to be open to that challenge!


Regardless of what you've been up to before returning to work, you've come such a long way! Celebrate all that you have accomplished in the past year -- whether it be working somewhere else, caring for your kids or a loved one or taking some time off to reconnect with yourself. Once you celebrate who you are today, you'll be open to growing as a person and professional.

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